I am so grateful for the time and opportunity to sail across the Atlantic on a beautiful catamaran and with a uniquely experienced Captain and crew.

First, I would like to thank my incredible bride, Lisa, and my son and daughter, David and Allie, of whom I’m so proud, for their beautiful love and the joy they give me. Lisa is truly a special person. I am so grateful for Lisa’s support of the pursuit of my dream. Thank you!

Second, I would like to thank my father, Bert, for introducing me to sailing. My father’s encouragement and confidence in me has always been deeply appreciated and empowering. I would also like to thank my mother, Judy, for her wonderful love and support. Thank you both!

Third, I would like to thank the amazing team of talented people with whom I am so lucky to work. While being away and sailing across the ocean is not without concerns, I feel only unwavering confidence in our capable team, especially under the solid leadership of Cosmo Preiato. Thank you!

Finally, I would like thank my friends for their support and encouragement. And, of course, I have to thank my awesome dog, Tuck, for running with me always with a smile, even before breakfast. Thank you!

Much love!!!

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  1. Susan & Franny says:

    Hey Adam!! Thinking of you from snowy NH on Thanksgiving Day; & wishing you smooth sailing across to St. Marteen. Love, Susan & Franny (& Auntie Kay who, like us, is admiring your boat…& your guts!) Happy Sailing!!

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