Davali, Hull #3, 6/2/14 – Making progress


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8 Responses to Davali, Hull #3, 6/2/14 – Making progress

  1. simon says:

    looking awesome cooloe

  2. Bertf says:

    Coming along!

  3. Jonathan McHugh says:

    Love seeing my stateroom in it’s early stages! SoOOO excited. when is the boat going to be in the Caribbean as i want to come down and sail there with you as the only thing better than new england is down there.

  4. Andy Liljequist says:

    Isn’t exciting?


    Capt. Anders (Andy) Liljequist, CPYB Brewer Yacht Sales Inc. 181 Harbor Drive Stamford, CT 06902 203-667-3546

  5. brian4464 says:

    Where is my room????? Matzah

  6. Merc9 Racer says:

    Very impressive! Hope the trip/visit go well — look forward to images from it and perhaps reading of some of the milestones between now and October 27.

  7. Nick Tretter says:

    Incredibly exciting watching a dream come true! Magnificent.

  8. marc spiro says:

    Looks amazing Adam! Good luck next week..

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