First Overnight/Sea Trial to Sete


Davali crew shirts! Maybe a small step for clothing fashion, but an ocean leap for the Davali crew.


Check this out! True wind speed of 5.3 knots is typically cause for motoring. But Davali efficiently sails at 4.2 knots. Rocket, pas de motor!


Thursday morning, waiting for a bridge to open in Sete, France, many fishing.


Entering the harbor in Sete at dusk.


Jean-Pierre and Jan test the water-maker.

Davali keeps growing on us. The design is beautiful, the boat is fast and comfortable. Jean-Pierre (on left) is an expert sailor who is training us well.

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6 Responses to First Overnight/Sea Trial to Sete

  1. Phil Gussack says:

    All I can say is I’m jealous!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    reading from the 31st floor of NY building..wishing I was there

  3. mathieu harlan says:

    You could try and at least look happy Adam… Congratulations. It looks like a gas. Harlan

  4. Jill Friedlander Robinson says:

    Can feel it all the way over here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    wish i understood all the numbers on that gizmo; either way it all seems to be adding up to an awesome experience. love the pics!

  6. marc spiro says:

    So happy for you. It’s going to be an amazing adventure! Enjoy and be safe..

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