The Boat

2014 Outremer 45
Hull #3

Outremer 45 Brochure

Outremer 45 standard specifications 2014

• Length: 45’2”
• Beam: 23’3”
• Min Draft: 3’3”
• Max Draft: 6’6”
• Displacement: 8.7 T
• Bridgedeck Clearance: 2’7”
• Mast Clearance (without antenna): 66’11”
• Mast Height: 57’4”
• Mainsail: 743 sq.ft
• Self-tacking Jib: 441 sq.ft
• Gennaker (option): 969 sq.ft
• Spinnaker (option): 1292 sq.ft.
• Engines: 2 x Volvo 30 HP
• Fuel cap: 88 gal
• Water cap: 118 gal
• EC Approval: Pending Offshore Category A
• Architect: C. Barreau / F. Neuman
• Design Consultant: Patrick le Quement
• Interior Design: Franck Darnet Design

3 Responses to The Boat

  1. Knut Skauan says:

    Hi Adam! We signed our contract for our Outremer 45 in October, with delivery in November this year, and was wondering if you could send us the complete specification list, and if you have any comments pros/cons to any of the specs. We are planning an around the world trip starting off in 2016 or 2017. We have only done the initial specifications, but need to have as much as possible in place before the build starts in May, and input from sailers who has sailed the boat already will always help! We really enjoyed your YouTube clips of this beautiful boat.
    Best regards
    Anita + Knut

    • Adam says:

      Anita and Knut,
      Congrats on your purchase! Where are you from?
      I think it would be best to send your email to mine at and I can respond. Not sure what you mean by complete specification list? I will do my best to help you. I’m excited for you.

  2. Hamish Brewer says:

    Hi Adam. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun with Davali – beautiful boat! I am considering buying an Outremer 45 and I have arranged to go to La Grande Motte in June to charter one for a week. I would love to ask a few questions about configuration options and get any advice from you that I can as I start out on this adventure!


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