2+ months to go

P1010394[1] P1010395[1] P1010397[1] P1010396[1] P1010403[1] P1010402[1] P1010401[1] P1010400[1] P1010399[1] P1010398[1]

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5 Responses to 2+ months to go

  1. Marc Wein says:

    It is really coming together!

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  2. Bert Friedlander says:

    Looking real good!

  3. Michael Finn says:

    Looks great Adam I’ll be over there 9/2 to see Davali in person Michael finn.

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  4. marc spiro says:

    Looks amazing! getting closer

  5. D says:

    Seeing the progress must make you so psyched! A dream becoming a reality right before your very eyes…..

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