Davali scheduled to launch in a week

P1010510 P1010511 P1010513 P1010514 P1010515 P1010516 P1010517 P1010518 P1010519 P1010522 P1010523 P1010525

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9 Responses to Davali scheduled to launch in a week

  1. Marc Wein says:

    Looks great!

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  2. Marc Wein says:

    Looks great.. When is the sea trial?

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  3. Meanders says:

    Lucky you…She looks awesome.

    Capt. Anders (Andy) Liljequist

  4. mathieu harlan says:

    looks pretty awesome Adam…

  5. jan cluistra says:

    a really good looking boat with impressive performance, certainly in a class of its own

  6. Andrew Marks says:

    Looking good..

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