Ship shape – inside and out

sat 1 sat 3 sat 4 sat 5 sat 6 sat 7 sat 8 sat 10 sat 11 sat9

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7 Responses to Ship shape – inside and out

  1. s says:

    i cant wait to check it out

  2. Marc Wein says:

    Wow! My cabin looks great. M

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  3. Bertf says:

    Looking great. Dad

  4. J says:

    Now that is crossing the Atlantic in style!

  5. mathieu harlan says:

    Looks really good Adam…

  6. Jonathan McHugh says:

    yic’y Sean said that bathroom is nicer than my house, thanks for showing me up! But look forward to peeing there in the carib this winter or the jammin’ next summer! luv u, when is the leave date?

  7. Tom Thornton says:

    What a good job you did on this project.
    Sail Fast Sail Safe
    Fair winds, to you, the boat and the crew!
    Tom Thornton

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