Davali sea trial continues…

sun 4

New Outremer 45 (Davali) next to previous 45 design

sun 3

Davali’s 3 foot clearance to minimize “slapping” from wavessun 6

Testing the Code 0…

sun sun 5

and, not to be overlooked, testing the  “women’s acceptance factor”

sun 2 sun 9

There appears to be a high acceptance factor! Outremer clearly performs a thorough sea trial.

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3 Responses to Davali sea trial continues…

  1. Jill Friedlander Robinson says:

    The “women’s acceptance factor” pretty much clinches it.

  2. Marc Wein says:

    It keeps getting better.

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Joshua Summers says:

    Adam, congratulations, looks fantastic.

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