Davali ready to rock!

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8 Responses to Davali ready to rock!

  1. Marc Wein says:

    Looks great! Marc

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Bill Donaldson says:

    And this thing is just too damn cool. How freaking fun Please excuse my thumbed typos and or Siri’s poor response to my dictation.

    Bill Donaldson 24 Montgomery St. Cambridge, MA 02140 H 617-492-8601 C 617-276-4913 E BillDonaldson@Comcast.Net


  3. Jonathan McHugh says:

    Unreal! I can’t wait to see that bad boy When do u leave and how can I keep in touch on the way, is there internet out there?

    Jonathan McHugh Song Stew Entertainment 310 283 7135


  4. mathieu harlan says:

    you are going to have so much fun… Congratulations

  5. Tina says:

    Looks awesome! Enjoy every minute.

  6. Susan McDowell says:

    Congrats, she’s so cool. Send more shots. Need to see the sick down below.and the galley!

  7. Bert Friedlander says:

    Lookin great!

  8. Tom Thornton says:

    Let ‘er rip! My berth looks pretty nice. See you soon!
    Fair Winds
    tom thornton

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