Video of 2014 Outremer 45 Sailing (red/white/blue gennaker)

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6 Responses to Video of 2014 Outremer 45 Sailing (red/white/blue gennaker)

  1. Seams says:

    Cooloe. You have ARRIVED! This is nothing less than totally awesome

  2. Marc Wein says:

    Can i wakeboard behind it? Pls!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Guillaume says:

    Nice video to keep on this great boat
    Saw the 50!footer at Annapolis

  4. Bert Friedlander says:

    It is a beauty. All the best. Superman!!

  5. Tom Thornton says:

    I got a big charge out of the wake, I thought you were Motor-Sailing!!!
    I appreciate the light over my bunk,
    Sail fast SAil safe.
    Tom Thornton

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