A Lightness of Being

On the first leg, from Le Grande Motte, France to St. Martin, I remember feeling blissful. Days and nights filled with sailing, reading, eating, sleeping, playing guitar, sharing stories. I loved it.

On the second leg, from St. Martin to New York, I felt it again.

Friends have asked me if I had any epiphanies, deep thoughts, and my answer was no. But now, I attribute feeling a lightness of being to having less daily demands, responsibilities and obligations, surrounded by beauty.

My Atlantic crossing was an incredible adventure. It involved years of dreaming, studying boats, boat shows, discussions and planning. Then buying the boat, choosing a captain, visiting the shipyard in France, provisioning the boat, mentally preparing for the unknown, shipping supplies, and saying good bye to friends, co-workers and family.

There were several unexpected events. First, I didn’t expect the weather to be sunny and windy for 95% of the 2 legs. I didn’t know that was possible. While you have to be careful for what you wish for, I kind of wanted to get more heavy weather experience.

I didn’t expect to get so lucky finding Captain Jan and his wonderful crew. Great people and very competent sailors.  It was the first crossing for Claudia, Larry and me, and we shared the same wonder and excitement. Sailing with my son David, from St. Martin to Provenciales, Turks and Caicos was wonderful. Joe was a great crewmate and chef.

I didn’t expect to see so many boats on the crossing. We happened to overlap the 2014 Atlantic Rally. We were an unofficial entrant and before we peeled off for St. Martin, we were 26th out of over 200 boats. I attribute that to a fast catamaran and the large Code D sail, perfect for the trailing trade winds to blow us westward

I didn’t know the Bahamas are so beautiful and water could be so clear, sand so fine.

Tons of flying fish, porpoises, whales, rainbows, incredible sunrises and sunsets. I could feel the maritime history in the Med. Arriving in the early morning to Gibraltar was one of the most powerful moments as was entering the New York Harbor, seeing our first Caribbean Island and the Miami skyline, poking up over the horizon.

I want to thank Jan for exceeding all expectations. You were an incredible guide, patient teacher, man of your word, passionate sailor, and, now, someone I am lucky to call friend.

I want to thank my awesome teammates at Friedlander Group/Insuregy for enabling me to make this happen. I am so lucky and grateful to work with such outstanding people.

I want to thank my friends and family for their support. I apologize for any stress I may have caused.

I want to thank my incredible wife, Lisa, for supporting my dream. I am forever grateful. You are a beautiful person.

Our friends showed us the way home.

Our friends showed us the way home.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish

Making Tracks

Making Tracks

heading West to Florida

heading West to Florida

exuma sunset

Sunset over Exumas

Joe cooking up some great bolognese

Joe cooking up some great Bolognese

Sailfish Harbor with my Dad

Sailfish Harbor with my Dad

My dad waving goodbye from the Stuart Inlet

My dad waving goodbye from the Stuart Inlet

Twin Spouts off the Florida coast

Twin Spouts off the Florida coast

Off of Norfolk, Va.

Off of Norfolk, Va.

Sandy Hook, 5.5 days after leaving Stuart, Florida.

Sandy Hook, 5.5 days after leaving Stuart, Florida.

Arriving in NY Harbor

Arriving in NY Harbor

Gorgeous final Day to trip!

Gorgeous final Day to trip!

Onto Wall Street then up the East River to Stamford.

Onto Wall Street then up the East River to Stamford.

Stamford Harbor, bitter-sweet.

Stamford Harbor, bitter-sweet.

Lisa and friends childhood friends Nick and Danny joined us in the celebration.

Lisa and childhood friends Nick Tretter and Dan Abt joined us in the celebration.

Thank you Davali!!!

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18 Responses to A Lightness of Being

  1. Peter D says:


    • Adam says:

      Peter, I will never forget your text “wow…I guess you’re in the middle of…everywhere” when we’re half way across the Atlantic. Thanks for all of your support! I’m ready for some biking.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Adam! Can’t wait to go for a sail SI.

  3. Jill Friedlander Robinson says:

    Gorgeous. Astounding. What joy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Adam, congratulations!

  5. Jonathan McHugh says:

    Capt’n Yic,

    So proud of you and sad for me that I could not make any of this trip.

    I look forward to us making some memories of our own this summer and for many years to come.

    Now that you are back we need to plan a week where we can do our boys trip again as tennis and sailing are two things that I hope we can always share together.

    You are one of the kindest coolest people I know and i am so happy we have been friends since you dumped that tray on my dishwashing station in 1981!

    Please let me know when u can make your self available to go up north for a sail, can’t wait to see Davali rip!

    We are tallking about trying to bring the fam in for 3-4 days in mid July, let me know what u have on tap and if you have room for us for a few days or so.

    Much jah love jonny yic

    Jonathan McHugh songstew@me.com 310 283 7135


  6. Malloy, Kenneth says:


    Sent with Good (www.good.com)

  7. Marc Wein says:

    What a truly great adventure. Thanks for sharing it all!

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Anonymous says:

    Buddy, you lived the dream…Proud of you!

  9. Andrew Marks says:

    Welcome Home…Thanks for including me in this photo voyage..

    Andrew H. Marks
    Area Senior Executive Vice President

    250 Park Avenue | 3rd Floor | New York, NY 10177
    o 212.530.7518 | f 212.425.0719 | c 917.971.5917
    Bollinger, Inc., a subsidiary of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co

  10. Richard S says:

    Hi Adam, love your story, just wondering , did you buy the boat direct from France? I have been looking at boats for journeys, I actually work in Stamford Landing, is the boat in Stamford Harbor?

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