Videos of 2nd leg from St. Martin to Stamford Ct.

Some videos of beautiful islands, Davali sailing and clear water.

Davali Videos


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4 Responses to Videos of 2nd leg from St. Martin to Stamford Ct.

  1. clerc didier says:

    hello adam, a great thanks for all nice pistures and writing.
    i see your boat during building et follow your atlantic crossing on the website and dream all the year,
    i buy also an outremer 45 and with my wife et our old dog we start in august next, buy et thanks;didier

  2. gryan004 says:

    Hi Adam,
    I am posting this again since I believe that WordPress screwed up my first post, but if you get two, apologize.
    My name is Gary Ryan and I live in the San Francisco Bay area. We are considering the Outremer 45 for purchase this coming year. I will be retiring soon and my wife Nancy and I want to cruise/race to Hawaii and the West Coast, and perhaps even head to the Caribbean. We are life long experienced sailors but strictly on monohulls. We are interested in multihulls for a variety of reasons including comfort, safety, and performance.
    Given that there are so few owners of the Outremer 45, it would be great to get your feedback on Davali. With a year of ownership and an Atlantic crossing, your thoughts would be much appreciated. My questions are as follows:
    What do you really like about the boat?
    What don’t you like about the boat?
    What are the top three things you would change about the boat if you had the chance?
    How is the boat holding up, any areas of concern?
    Any advice on factory options we should consider?
    Have you had any warranty issues and if so how were they addressed?
    Would you consider any other boats and if so, which ones?

    We will be seeing the boat at the La Grande Motte show in April, taking a tour of the factory, and going for a test sail. Thank you in advance for any information you can share with us. Take care

    Gary Ryan

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