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Lanzarote and Atlantic Crossing preparation

So many exciting moments, not least of which was the arrival in 40 knots of apparent wind to Lanzarote (Canary Islands) and docking in 30 knots of wind. After deciding the strong winds were going to continue, we committed to … Continue reading

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The Gibraltar gateway

The western Mediterranean has strong prevailing westerly winds which means headwinds and pounding seas when heading west into them. Last year, a captain told me they were “stuck” in a Spanish harbor for 11 days waiting for favorable winds and weather. We were pleased … Continue reading

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First 48 hours

We had a great time in La Grande Motte thanks to the Outremer Family. We felt nothing but warmth and support to make Davali the best she can be. Xavier, Francois, Jean-Pierre, Matthieu, Christophe, Ronan, Stephan and the Outremer team made … Continue reading

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GO time!!!!!!!!!!

Well, after years of preparation, planning, an unexpected wide range of emotions from exhilaration to sleepless nights, two hundred rows of excel spreadsheet provisions, punch lists, Captain’s license, numerous boat shows, 30-50 books (lost count), careful boat selection, temporarily extracting myself from … Continue reading

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Climbing the Stick

Looks like we’ll start Wednesday, after completing punch list items and provisioning, and favorable wind/weather. Xavier, Jean-Pierre, Matthieu, and Ronan and the Outremer team have been very accommodating, hospitable and promptly addressing any punch list items. The Outremer Team is passionate … Continue reading

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First Overnight/Sea Trial to Sete

Davali crew shirts! Maybe a small step for clothing fashion, but an ocean leap for the Davali crew. Check this out! True wind speed of 5.3 knots is typically cause for motoring. But Davali efficiently sails at 4.2 knots. Rocket, … Continue reading

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Showtime!!! The first day was exciting. Caught a couple hours of sleep on the flights, and adrenaline fueled the full day. Lunched with Captain Jan and Claudia, crewmate, and Xavier and team from Outremer. Davali looks gorgeous! We are worked … Continue reading

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Captain Jan and Claudia arrive, Davali rips in video

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Video of 2014 Outremer 45 Sailing (red/white/blue gennaker)

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Davali ready to rock!

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