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Video of 2014 Outremer 45 Sailing (red/white/blue gennaker)

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Davali ready to rock!

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Davali sea trial continues…

Davali’s 3 foot clearance to minimize “slapping” from waves Testing the Code 0… and, not to be overlooked, testing the  “women’s acceptance factor” There appears to be a high acceptance factor! Outremer clearly performs a thorough sea trial.

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Ship shape – inside and out

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Davali’s sea trials begin, Code D sail looking awesome!

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Outremer 45 Hull #2 s/v W-Alter sails, Davali is next

Hull #2 W-Alter below (Davali is hull #3)

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Davali is now floating in the harbor of La Grande Motte! Getting closer…

Thank you to the dedicated and outstanding Outremer team for building a beautiful catamaran and staying on schedule. Can’t wait to sail Davali home!  

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Davali scheduled to launch in a week

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2+ months to go

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